Tactical Xactimate® Training

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We’ve trained tens of thousands of adjusters over the last decade, and it’s become clear that proficiency in Xactimate is the single most important technical skill a new adjuster must acquire.

AdjusterPro is pleased to offer Xactimate® Training that combines the ease and affordability of online training with the real-time, hands-on experience of having a live instructor. The result is a proven method for learning Xactimate that maximizes knowledge transfer while respecting your pocket-book.

By the end of the course you’ll be able to input line items, utilize Sketch, upload photos and documents, write a complete claim, and more.

Check below to see if this course is approved for continuing education (CE) credits in your state.

  • Getting to Know Xactimate
  • 50,000 ft. View: Xactimate’s role in the Claims Process
  • Preferences and Pathways: Orientation to the Xact Landscape
  • Control Center, Price Lists, Preferences
  • Start: How to open a New Estimate
  • Start: How to open a Residential Valuation
  • Develop: Inputting claim data into an Estimate
  • Start: Introduction to Sketch
  • Wrap-up: Homework Assigned for Session 2
  • Review of Session 1 & Homework
  • Sketch Time!
    • Menus, Tools, Properties
    • Start with a Room
    • Add Complexity: Break Tool, Adding Levels, Adding Doors/Windows
    • Roofs vs. Rooms
    • How to Sketch a Roof
    • Adding Estimate Items via Sketch
    • Adding Photos: Labeling and Annotation
  • Wrap-Up: Homework Assigned for Session 3
  • Review of Session 2 and Homework
  • Deep Dive into Estimate Items
  • Building Your Own Estimate: Victim, Bob
  • Review Estimates & Q&A
  • Final Thoughts: Technology and What Makes a Great Adjuster

Continuing Education Credits

Licensed adjusters who complete the AdjusterPro Xactimate training can get continuing education credits in the following states:

  • Alabama: 12 General CE credit hours, Provider #23301464, Course #25932
  • Alaska: 8 General CE credit hours, Provider #1212, Course #15428
  • Arkansas: 8 General CE credit hours, Provider #500004887, Course #6000027511
  • Delaware: 8 General CE credit hours, Provider #500005902, Course #6000027708
  • Florida: 12 General CE credit hours, Provider #365820, Course #78073 (independent adjusters) or #78074 (public adjusters)
  • Georgia: 8 General CE credit hours, Provider #159872, Course #40464
  • Idaho: 8 General CE credit hours, Provider #187494, Course #3192606
  • Indiana: 12 General CE credit hours, Provider #116933, Course #24206
  • Louisiana: 12 General CE credit hours, Provider #9995, Course #21266
  • Mississippi: 8 General CE credit hours, Provider #15019046, Course #18857
  • Nevada: 8 General CE credit hours, Provider #148447, Course #23429
  • New Hampshire: 8 General CE credit hours, Provider #130368, Course #483752
  • New Mexico: 8 General CE credit hours, Provider #500005883, Course #6000029116
  • North Carolina: 8 General CE credit hours, Provider #10019997, Course #210581
  • Oklahoma: 8 General CE credit hours, Provider #10015285, Course #6000024906
  • Texas: 8 General CE credit hours, Provider #33304, Course #84346
  • Utah: 8 General CE credit hours, Provider #187195, Course #36491
  • Wyoming: 8 General CE credit hours, Provider #15033326, Course #29107

To have us submit your credits, please send an email after class is over to submissions@adjusterpro.com and include your name, home state or state you’d like the CE submitted to, and state license number.

We are not affiliated with Xactware

XACTIMATE® is a federally registered trademark of Xactware Solutions, Inc. for its brand of estimating software. AdjusterPro is not affiliated in any way with Xactware Solutions, Inc. AdjusterPro has no right, title or interest in the Xactimate® trademark, any XACT formative trademarks owned by Xactware Solutions, Inc., any products or services sold under the XACTIMATE® or XACT formative trademarks, or any copyrights owned by Xactware Solutions, Inc.

FAQs about Xactimate

Xactimate, created by Xactware, is the industry’s most popular claims adjusting software. Adjusters no longer have to write claims by hand, reference pricing books, and use calculators to perform a complete estimate. The Xactimate platform has automated most of those tasks, enabling the adjuster to perform inspections and adjustments much faster.

The software was designed specifically for construction professionals, restoration specialists, and claims adjusters. Xactimate helps adjusters:

  • – Save time and money in creating estimates
  • – Create more accurate, detailed, and professional-looking estimates
  • – Access the most up-to-date and reliable pricing information
  • – Sketch complicated roofs, rooms, layouts, and structures
  • – Automate and streamline your estimating processes
  • – Organize and manage your projects
  • – Overcome language barriers in preparing estimates

See a complete list of features at Xactimate.com

We’ve trained tens of thousands of adjusters over the last decade, and it’s become clear that proficiency in Xactimate is the single most important technical skill a new adjuster must acquire. In fact, “are you familiar with Xactimate?” is one of the most frequently asked questions in interviews and on applications. Knowing your way around the software not only sets you ahead of the curve in the employment line, it means you can get to work adjusting claims immediately once you’re deployed. You’ll be able to work through inspections and adjustments faster and with more accuracy, which is truly money in your pocket.

The Xactimate User Certification program, offered solely by Xactware, provides a controlled exam to independently verify your product knowledge and proficiency. There are three levels of certification: Level 1 – Fundamentals, Level 2 – Proficiency, and Level 3 – Mastery. Each level increases in difficulty and is considered a prerequisite for the next level. Details on how to become certified are available on the Xactimate Training Website.

While official Xactimate Certification is only available through Xactware, the AdjusterPro Course will help prepare you for the Level 1 exam should you choose to pursue certification. It’s also worth noting that most employers want to know whether you have a working knowledge of how to write a claim in Xactimate, so make sure and include the AdjusterPro Tactical Xactimate Training on your resumes and job applications.

The software is available free for a 30-day trial period, and we encourage students to take our course during that time. Please note: your free trial starts as soon as you download the program – not when you start using it. In our experience, Xactware will usually extend your trial period if you call them and request more time. After that, you can purchase the software only through Xactware on a subscription basis. Prices start at $250 a month but vary depending on the length of the subscription, the version you need, and the device (desk, mobile, online) you use. We encourage students to start conservatively when considering an XM8 subscription as some employers will provide laptops with the software already loaded.

Our webinar uses a program called GoToTraining which allows you to hear the instructor and view their screen as they perform tasks in Xactimate. As a student, you will follow along and perform the same tasks in your free 30-day trial of Xactimate. You can ask questions live through the GoTo chat feature. After you master each task, the instructor proceeds to the next. Using this method, we lead you step-by-step through the entire process of writing an estimate. Our fantastic trainer will make sure and address all questions by the end of the session. 

A standard computer, either desktop or laptop, will work fine for the course. Once you have purchased and registered for our course, we recommend you install Xactimate on your device and open it to ensure everything is in working order prior to your webinar. While having two screens is not a requirement, it does allow you to keep one screen showing the webinar and instructor’s actions on GoToTraining, while allowing you to continue to work within the XM8 program on the other screen. Please note, most of our students use a single screen and do not report any problems.

Once you register for your scheduled webinar, we’ll send you detailed instructions on preparing for your course. Most importantly, you’ll need to install the free trial of the software on your computer and test it to make sure it works prior to your course. This will allow you time to contact the Xactware Support Center should you have any problems with the installation. Remember, the free trial starts when you download the course, not when you open or begin using it, so keep your scheduled dates in mind and plan accordingly.

Absolutely! You’ll find our instructors very knowledgeable, patient, and approachable. They take time to make certain all of your questions get answered and that you feel comfortable throughout the course.

Yes. When you go through our training, you will receive our Xactimate Exercise Manual with hours of practice roofs, elevations, and rooms of increasing complexity. Our instructors will be available to assist if you have questions about these ongoing practice exercises.

AdjusterPro’s Xactimate Course is recognized by employers as valuable training so make sure to list it on your resume and applications. With a license in one hand and Xactimate in the other, you are ready to go to work!

Our course is also approved for continuing education (CE) hours in key states. If you were licensed before you took our Xactimate course, contact the support team to have them submit CE credit hours on your behalf. For more information on which states qualify and the submission process, please visit our AdjusterPro Xactimate page.

If you would like pursue your Xactimate Certification through Xactware, details are available on the Xactimate Training Website.

It can take anywhere from 2-6 hours to download and install Xactimate, and you can only use the demo software for 30 days. It is important to note that your free trial starts as soon as you download the software so please plan accordingly with an eye on your scheduled training dates.

Once you complete the “Xactimate Training Prerequisites” module, you will be directed to the “Xactimate Webinar” module to choose your webinar dates. Come back to this module to access the webinar during your scheduled time.

You will order and download the demo directly from Xactware’s website. You’ll need a computer that runs Windows and meets the Xactimate system requirements. You can find a complete list of requirements and instructions for download on the Xactimate System Requirements page.  Instructions are also available in the ‘Xactimate Training Prerequisites’ section of your course.

The exercise book is available for download and printing a hard copy is optional. You’ll receive instructions on how to access the exercise book within your online classroom. It can also be found under ‘Additional References’ on the right-hand side of your course homepage.

**Please make sure you have this book handy and ready for use prior to the start of your class.

Yes. If you need to reschedule your session, simply log back into your “Schedule: Tactical Xactimate Training” module and select ‘Reregister.’ From there, you will be able to choose your new session dates.

Xactware, the software developer, recently released a new version of Xactimate called X1. X1 is basically a cloud-based version of Xactimate 28, which is what most adjusters have been using for years. The two versions look and function in very much the same way, and our webinar has been updated to include addressing both versions of the software when necessary. If you want to read more about the different versions, and what it means for adjusters, please read our Xactimate Training: 28 vs X1 article.

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