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Insurance adjusting, like any other highly rewarding field, requires a high amount of work and maintenance.

It’s not the easiest job –if it were everyone would do it and then we wouldn’t have any bankers, teachers, lawyers (which would probably be okay), or scientists. It’s not for everyone and it takes a special kind of person to make it in this field. You don’t have to be a genius, or have advanced skills in carpentry, roofing, or mathematics, but you do have to have a positive outlook and take the initiative seeking out new opportunities, being persistent, creative, and prepared.Super Sto

Fortune is born out of a mix of two traits: preparedness and opportunity. When those two meet, fortune blossoms. It’s different from luck. Luck is picking the correct lottery numbers, or finding $50 in the Atlanta subway. Fortune is deserved and earned though preparation. A lot of new adjusters acquire their license for their homes state, send out a few resumes to some of the big adjusting firms, and then sit back and wait for the work calls to come in.

That’s not going to happen.

Even if another Super Storm Sandy occurs, initiative must be taken to secure your place in the adjusting world.  One such opportunity currently in our midst is that of New York. The word on the street right now is that anyone with a NY adjuster’s license, who is also well trained in Xactimate, will have work for as long as they want.

The back story is here is nothing unbelievable; it’s really just supply and demand. Here’s the deal—adjusting firms have lots of people on their rosters, but not a lot of those agents hold NY licenses. One firm in particular has around 450 adjusters. Of those adjusters, 8 have NY licenses. I don’t have a degree in economics, but that sounds like the supply is pretty low which increases the demand for adjusters holding NY licenses!

ConeyIslandSuperstormSandyOn top of that lack of supply, there were apparently some fraudulent claims filed right after Super Storm Sandy. Now all of those claims have come into question and will need to be re-adjusted. This is not the greatest thing for those adjusting firms, but it does provide opportunity for newly licensed, and experienced adjusters to work to make things right. Here’s a brief article from the International Business Times detailing some of the issues.

Sometimes work doesn’t come right away for people, even if they have seemingly done all the right stuff. That’s where the ability to network separates successful folks from people who struggle. The field of adjusting is a very personal and professional field. People don’t want to work with a grump or someone who is really negative. There are enough haters out there. Be positive and cheerful as much as possible. Keep your ear to the ground keeping an eye out for opportunities like NY, and watch the weather. If you are flexible, ready to move, licensed and willing to work you will have a great career. The difference is you. Take control, and enjoy the financial and professional rewards of this wonderful career.



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