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State Farm Adjuster Certification
Note: This is a revised and updated version of an article originally published in April 2009.

New and aspiring independent adjusters hoping to stand out to potential employers should seriously consider acquiring a State Farm Certification.

State Farm insures more cars and homes than any other insurer in the United States. So if you are seeking a carrier certification that will give you the best overall chance of deployment, this is the place to start. There is, however, a surprising lack of information available on the subject so let’s review the State Farm Certification basics.


Many insurance carriers require an adjuster to hold their carrier-specific certification in order to handle their claims. State Farm is no different. Even if you are temporarily employed at an independent adjusting firm that handles State Farm claims on a contractual basis, you’ll still need their specific certification in order to work any State Farm claims.

Put that together with what we said above:

State Farm insures more cars and homes than any other insurance carrier in the country.  

Most of the large independent adjusting firms have a piece of the State Farm pie. And the sheer claims volume from the country’s largest insurer means there is enough to go around for even medium and smaller firms. Getting State Farm Certified will give you an edge because firms can assign you claims right away, without needing to wait for you to complete the required training.


Approved certification courses are offered by the IA Firms to their roster lists. Unless there is a large catastrophe that requires emergency certifications, these courses are not promoted on the firms’ websites or made available to the general public. Consider this another reason you should get on as many rosters as possible. While not a complete list, the following adjusting companies are currently approved to offer State Farm Certifications:

What makes the State Farm Certification one of the more challenging to obtain is the fact that these companies are only allowed to offer the certification on a quarterly basis. The training courses are hosted simultaneously by the firms during dates chosen by State Farm. Certification courses are conducted in person at specified locations (such as company training facilities) and are not available online. This requires some planning and forethought on the adjuster’s part since you can’t simply get certified once you are hired.


The certification is a 2-day process. The first day consists of an initial 6 hour IDL or Interactive Distance Learning segment (previously referred to as the LDP or Live Desktop Presentation). This segment is streamed from State Farm to the classroom. The material covers protocol specific to handling State Farm claims.  The second day is comprised of the two certification exams: Wind/Hail and Estimatics.


As mentioned above, certification courses are usually conducted once per quarter, however ‘emergency courses’ are sometimes offered after a big catastrophe. Because those are unpredictable and often limited in size, we don’t recommend waiting and hoping an emergency class becomes available.

Here a few key things to know before you get started:

  • In order to qualify to take the certification with a firm, you must be on their roster. You’ll need to submit a resume and online application to the adjusting firm in order to see the course schedule and register for a session. Remember – being on the roster email lists in one of the only ways to find out about these courses. They are rarely publicized, even on the firms’ own websites and social media accounts.
  • Registrations for the certification must be complete as much as a month prior to the actual certification dates so don’t delay in getting your information in and your registration complete.
  • There is a fairly good amount of prep work and studying that you’ll need to complete prior to the course so give yourself plenty of time to prepare.
  • Exam retakes are only offered on a set schedule. Make sure you know the retake policy prior to the certification.
  • Fees vary but are generally nominal.


There are a host of other insurance companies such as Allstate, USAA, and Liberty Mutual that require carrier specific certifications. As an independent adjuster, you will need to obtain these certifications as well. But the limited availability and short list of approved trainers is what makes the State Farm certification more challenging than its counterparts. Many of the other certifications can be obtained through your employer upon hiring.


Get certified as soon as you can! State Farm Certification increases credibility and your odds of deployment and can serve as a foot in the door with major adjusting firms. Contact the companies above for further details and to schedule your IDL and exams.

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