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Social distancing during the Covid-19 crisis has created disruption in many areas we might not have considered, including getting an adjuster license

Since adjuster licensing is what we do, we’ve been working hard over the past weeks to find pathways to licensing so people can continue moving forward toward becoming licensed insurance adjusters, and companies can continue providing licensed adjusters who are ready to settle insurance claims for the people who rely on them.

There are paths to licensure open right now, and more paths will likely be opening in the weeks to come. We will be updating this post as often as necessary to keep you up to date. Read on for the big picture as we see it right now.

A word about fingerprinting during Covid-19 

SILA (the Securities and Insurance Licensing Association) recommends that applicants having issues getting fingerprinted reach out to the applicable state Department of Insurance for their recommendation, and also look for third party vendors that may be open. Local police departments are an option as they are sometimes able to do fingerprinting.

The information below was updated at 1pm central on Friday, May 15

States that currently have a path to licensure


Alabama has a clear path to licensure. Alabama residents can take our online course and exam and apply for their license through NIPR. Fingerprinting is required, but Gemalto, the company the Alabama Department of Insurance uses for fingerprinting, has several locations open throughout the state. The Alabama Department of Insurance has waived the requirement that people taking the state exam get their pre-licensing Affidavit of Witness notarized, and extended the time that a student has to pass their exam after completing their pre-licensing certificate by 60 days, allowing for 8 months from the time of pre-licensing completion to take state exam. Initial resident applications may take up to 3 weeks to process.

View AL State Update


Arizona has a path to licensure. Arizona residents can take our online course and apply for a provisional license through NIPR. The provisional license will expire 6 months after the date issued, and will be converted to a permanent license once the provisional license-holder passes the pre-license examination and furnishes fingerprints to the Department of Insurance.

View AZ State Update


Arkansas has a clear path to licensure. Arkansas residents can complete our online course and exam and apply with NIPR. No fingerprints are required, just the state police form at the end of the application. 

View AR State Update


California has a clear path to licensure. California residents can complete our online course and take the state exam with PSI which has numerous locations open in California (Los Angeles test center is open on a daily basis. PSI is also administering license examinations at its test centers in Sacramento, Redding, Lawndale, San Francisco, and Agoura Hills on Tuesdays and Thursdays). Fingerprinting is available through Accurate Biometrics.

View CA State Update


Delaware has a path to licensure. Delaware residents can take our online course and apply for a temporary license. Before being issued a temporary license, the applicant must sign a Consent Order stating that they have 90 days from the date that Pearson Vue is back in operation to complete their exam. The applicant is also required to provide background checks and a Letter of Responsibility from someone actively licensed in the state of Delaware. If there is a statewide shutdown that prevents applicants from obtaining background checks, the Producer Licensing section will no longer issue any temporary licenses. Questions regarding this process should be directed to [email protected]

View DE State Update


Florida has a clear path to licensure. Florida residents can take our online course and exam and apply for their license through Florida’s MyProfile portal. Fingerprints are required and Florida residents have a few options. Either the applicant can get fingerprinted at any open IdentoGo location or they can request fingerprint cards and find a police station or third party vendor able to take their prints.

View FL State Update


Idaho has a clear path to licensure. Idaho residents can take our online course and exam and apply for their provisional license using a paper application. Fingerprinting is waived for the provisional license, and a signed attestation is required instead. Provisional license holders will need to take the state exam when PSI reopens and transfer to a permanent license.

View ID State Update


Indiana has a clear path to licensure. Indiana residents can take our online course and exam and apply for their license through Sircon. 

View IN State Update


Louisiana has a path to licensure. Louisiana residents can take our online course and apply for a temporary license.

Applicants can use the NIPR website at to apply and pay the fee. After receiving confirmation of the application submission, the applicant must submit a written request for a temporary license to the Louisiana Department of Insurance by email to [email protected] and include the transaction number received from NIPR.

All temporary licenses will expire on May 15, 2020 unless the term is extended by order of the commissioner. A temporary license can be converted into a permanent license by completing all the prerequisites of a license including passing the required exam and submitting fingerprints. No additional fee will be required for the permanent license if all requirements are met before the temporary license expires.

View LA State Update


Maine has a path to licensure. Maine residents can take our online course and apply for a temporary license using a paper application. Temporary license applicants will need a licensed sponsor to oversee their work. The temporary license will expire 90 days after Pearson VUE reopens its facilities or 180 days after issuance, whichever is earlier.

View ME State Update


Mississippi has a path to licensure. Mississippi residents can complete our online course and apply for a temporary license using this application. Temporary licenses are available for people who have completed all pre-licensing requirements except the state exam.

The temporary license is effective for 180 days, during which time you should take and pass the state exam in order to receive a permanent adjuster license. 

View MS State Update


Nevada has a path to licensure. Nevade residents can complete our online course and take the state exam with a third party exam provider.

View NV State Update

North Carolina

North Carolina has a path to licensure. North Carolina residents can take our online course and then take the state exam with PearsonVue, which the North Carolina Department of Insurance anticipates will re-open testing centers on May 1.

View NC State Update


Oklahoma has a clear path to licensure. Oklahoma residents can take our online course and take the state exam with Prometric, which just opened four out of five testing centers in the state.

View OK State Update


Texas has a clear path to licensure. Texas residents can take our online course and apply for a Texas temporary adjuster license online with Sircon. Once things return to normal, applicants can complete the exam in their course and get fingerprinted and transition to a permanent license.

Temporary adjuster license applicants must be sponsored by a person or business already holding a Texas Adjuster license. Temporary licenses will remain active until further notice, and the additional $100 fee for a temporary license will be waived.

View TX State Update

Official updates from states that don’t yet have a clear path to licensure


View AK State Update


View CT State Update


View GA State Update (under Insurance News)


View HI State Update


View KY State Update


Questions regarding licensing and regulation topics may be directed to [email protected]

View MI State Update


View MN State Update


View MT State Update

New Hampshire

View NH State Update

New Mexico

If there is difficulty in complying with a NM securities related statute or rule due to the COVID 19 pandemic, contact the Securities Division.

View NM State Update

New York

View NY State Update


View OR State Update

Rhode Island

View RI State Update

South Carolina

View SC State Update


View UT State Update


View VT State Update


View WA State Update

West Virginia

View WV State Update


View WY State Update

More options will open every day, as states continue to adjust licensing requirements. There is the possibility that exam vendors may move to online exams, and states will allow for online proctoring and online fingerprinting. We are currently working to add online proctoring and affidavit and notary capabilities in order to best serve our students.

Our Bottom Line

The bottom line is: Now is a great moment to complete online coursework and prepare to get licensed as an insurance adjuster. At AdjusterPro we’ll keep you up to date with every new development in the adjusting world. 

Covid-19 has brought abrupt changes to our lives, including how we work. We are facing these challenges day by day as individuals, families, companies, communities, and even government agencies. All of us at AdjusterPro are committed to helping you navigate these changes so you can keep moving forward toward your goals.

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