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California Earthquake Certification

california insurance adjuster licenseMost claims adjusters understand that insurance claims resulting from earthquakes are a different animal. So comes as no surprise that the California Department of Insurance (CDI) requires earthquake claims training for all adjusters who evaluate earthquake-related claims on behalf of an insurer. But did you know earthquake insurance claims training is required to handle any earthquake claim, regardless of state? It’s true.

If you’re looking for ways to make your resume stand out, obtaining your California Earthquake Certification through AdjusterPro is a great way to separate yourself from the pack of other insurance claims adjusters. To be honest, you may not use the certification today or tomorrow. But unfortunately, it’s highly likely earthquake adjusters will be in high demand at some point soon. 

AdjusterPro’s California Earthquake Adjuster Certification course covers all of the topics required by the California Department of Insurance to adjust earthquake claims. It also includes the 40-question final exam, which you must successfully pass to work as a certified earthquake insurance adjuster.

Who should take the California Earthquake Adjuster course?

California resident adjusters must take this type of training every three years in order to work earthquake-related claims. But the California certification is considered the universal certification for any claims adjuster who wants to adjust claims resulting from earthquakes – anywhere in the United States. And while California and Alaska are well-known for their fault lines and frequent quakes, the U.S. does have other earthquakes zones. California’s activity continues northward, affecting the other Pacific Northwest states. Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, and Ohio have all recently recorded earthquakes and earthquake swarms due to alleged wastewater disposal from fracking wells. And the active New Madrid fault in the bootheel of Missouri has caused some 7.0+ earthquakes in the past.

Regardless of where earthquake damage happens, any resulting claims, no matter how small, will need an earthquake certified insurance adjuster.

Which brings us back to California. Unfortunately, seismologists agree that the state is overdue for a massive earthquake. It’s considered a “geologic inevitability” among scientists so it’s not a matter of if, but when. Remember, California has some pretty specific insurance regulations and they offer NO reciprocal licensing privileges to adjusters licensed in another state. However, they do allow out-of-state adjusters to work under a licensed California adjuster. Obtaining your CEAC will ensure you are ready to work claims either under a licensed California insurance adjuster or under an emergency license post-earthquake.

AdjusterPro’s course covers all topics required by the CDI to adjust earthquake claims:

  • Earthquake overview including causes, measurement, and resulting damageCA Earthquake Map
  • California Earthquake Authority (CEA) policies and adjusting guidelines
  • Determining scope of loss
  • Loss estimation techniques
  • Determining when to call an engineer or expert
  • California fair claims practices
  • CDI Earthquake Mediation Program
  • Assessing concrete and foundation damage
  • Handling subsequently discovered earthquake damage
  • Programs designed to help earthquake victims
  • Includes the 40-question final exam which you must pass to receive your certification


If you have questions about the California Earthquake Adjuster Certification or any of our insurance claims adjuster courses, please give us a call at 214-329-9030. We would love to help. 

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