About Us

In 2005, we set out with a simple goal - to help people become claims adjusters. Over the years, we've evolved to become the national leader in helping both individuals and businesses find a training solution that fits their needs. While we may operate on a national level, at heart, we are a small family company. We believe in service, transparency, honesty, and adhering to the Golden Rule. And we're not opposed to sharing some laughs while we're at it.

Adam Gardiner


Like most red-blooded American boys, Adam couldn't wait to grow up and be a claims adjuster. Just kidding. But he did become an adjuster and his experience illustrated how little help was available for people interested in the field. So he turned his passion for adjusting into a passion for helping would-be adjusters. We're all so glad he did.

Dan Kerr


Dan's motto is "Be Bold!" While this could reference his habit of drinking milk straight from the source, we like to think it applies to our mission here at AdjusterPro as well. Never one to shy away from wild ideas or new directions, Dan's boundless vision has helped AdjusterPro grow into the company we are today. Well, that and the weird milk.

Melissa Brittain

CEO, Director of Corp Accounts

Who could possibly be a better leader than a mom of 11 kids and former state championship basketball coach? No one. Thats who! Melissa might also house a crystal ball in her office because she seems to know exactly what AdjusterPro, its employees, and our corporate customers need before they do. Spoooooky.....

Lyndi Wright


What this former national championship volleyball player lacks in height, she makes up for in power. Today, Lyndi uses that power to break down huge goals into smaller tasks which she then furiously spikes into our collective inboxes. If you listen closely, you'll hear her victory yell across the interwebs.

Ben Dunlap


Have you ever met one of those crazy people that love all things numbers, systems, tech, finance, coding, and taxes? No? Let us introduce you to Ben. He keeps us running smoothly by handling all the behind the scenes stuff that makes the rest of us want to pull our hair out. He doesn't like meetings, so we make sure he only has 40 or 50 a week.

Pablo Gonzalez

Director of Career Consultations

As a native Spanish speaker with a degree in English, Pablo can offer you an honest opinion, career advice, or hilarious jokes and stories in two languages. We're supposed to direct to you his top notch career consultations here and you should definitely do that...but maybe ask for a story or two as well. It's worth your tiempo.

Mark Richardson

Corporate Account Manager

If Harry Potter gave up all the magical mayhem and glory to help take care of our corporate customers, you'd have Mark. He's calm and kind and always ready to lend a hand. He also coaches high school quidditch. We mean football. He coaches high school football. Accio touchdown!

Regan Daniel

Marketing Manager

From blog posts to email campaigns to social media, we're lucky to have Regan working on all facets of AdjusterPro's marketing. We are also lucky our marketing efforts aren't solely comprised of 80's hair band lyrics and quotes from the movie "Trading Places" because that's what her brain plays on loop. Beef jerky time!

Kelsey Lahaie

Compliance Manager

Kelsey gave up the cornfields of Nebraska for the cacti of Arizona. If you listen closely, you may hear the sound of her laughing when a westerner says they're cold. Or it may be her laughter at her title because she is way more than a compliance manager. Billing, account, assistant, marathoner, and delight manager is more like it.

Brittany Saibini

Human Resources Manager

Brittany has been at the heart of our company for a long time. Whether it's helping students, creating a new department from scratch, improving processes, or taking care of our team, she's passionate about making AdjusterPro better. And sometimes she sends us surprise presents. That's why she's our favorite. Shhh...

Mary Wright Brennan

Director of 1st Impressions

If you've had the pleasure of talking with Ms. Mary, you know exactly why she's our Director of 1st Impressions. Her voice is like sunshine for your ears. Sometimes we find ourselves calling with pretend problems just so we can talk to her. No matter what you need, Mary will help get you there and put a smile on your face during the process.

Richard Lahaie

Systems Administrator

Don't make the mistake of thinking Richard is your standard tech guru who just sits in front of a screen. The guy is a modern day Renaissance Man. He codes. He cooks. He golfs. He acts. He fantasy footballs. He's also been known to overuse the word technically but technically that's ok because technically he's an administrator.

Ben Walsh

Course Author

Ben is basically a human Swiss Army Knife with a lot more to offer than just a writing gadget. Do you need tech support? Having problems with a spreadsheet? Can't read music? Looking for an obscure joke involving the Pythagorean theorem? He's got a tool for that. He's also got the key to winning fantasy football. (Hint: It's Patrick Mahomes)

Rachelle Shoemaker

Product Development Manager

Like so many before her, Rachelle is a U.S. Air Force Korean Linguist turned claims adjuster turned development manager. Wait. What? Actually she's much more like a work ninja. Challenges arise. And silently...stealthily...Rachelle sweeps in unseen and before you know it, all is right in our world.

Mary Pat Brennan

Quality Control Leader

We often refer to Mary Pat as MP, which obviously stands for Make It Perfect. (It works...just trust us.) She is the driving force behind making sure our courses, from the first word to the last period, are as close to perfect as they can be. If you want to stay on her good side, we recommend using the Oxford comma.

Lisa Whalen

Lead Writer

Lisa used to be a rare and expensive books dealer. If movies have taught us anything, its that ‘rare books dealer’ is obviously a cover for covert, international operative. She has a very particular set of skills. Skills she's acquired over a very long career. Skills that are a nightmare for lawyers who write overly complicated insurance statutes.

Brigid Stauduhar

Development Team Assistant

Brigid is an Irish-dancing, baby-whispering, always smiling coffee connoisseur who eagerly lends a hand to our course developers whenever she's needed. You might think those things don't have anything to do with work and/or AdjusterPro. But you'd be wrong.

Elizabeth Krestyn

Customer Champion

Elizabeth is a wonderful customer support specialist. If you have the opportunity to speak to her, you might politely request she sing all her responses because she has an amazing voice. We're not sure if it will be that much help, but you'll definitely enjoy the show. (You didn't hear it from us)

Madeline Colarelli

Development Team Writer

If you want a guided tour of Chicago's beautiful historic old buildings...well, there's a ton of people who can do that. However, if you prefer your architectural descriptions sung in a perfect imitation of the Chipmunks' voices, let us introduce you to Maddie! She also makes a mean spreadsheet. Chipmunk voice not included.

Jesse Gibson

Career Consultant

When asked about info for his bio, Jesse's response was "Well, I'm pretty strange." Who are we to argue with a guy wearing his Scottish clans' kilt as he takes professional pictures of his rugby team while explaining the principles and benefits of kinesiology?

Erin Macik

Development Team Writer

You see Erin's amazing skills in action every time you read a sentence in our course that makes sense. She's awesome at turning 'statute speak' into plain English so the rest of us can understand it. But some of her best work comes in the form of her hilarious weekly reports. We wish you could read them. You can't. But we wish you could.

Danny Jones

In addition to being an incredibly talented artist and musician, Danny is a prolific collector of creepy things. Small creepy things. Things he keeps as pets. Like scorpions and snakes and black widows which, to our knowledge, are not known for being good pets. We love Danny but are happy we don't share an office with him.

Megan Houle

Development Team Writer

Megan grew up a proud New Englander, but moved to Dallas for college and will never leave again. And yes, she's been there during the summer. We asked. But she can’t get enough of the sun or the endless road trip possibilities via Texas' mega-highways, even if it means being regularly (and lovingly) called a Yankee by her in-laws.

Emily Narduzzi

Customer Champion

Emily's parents used to bribe her to do things with M&Ms, thus creating a lifelong obsession with the little candy-coated yumyums. And you know what? She turned out awesome. She takes helping our customers seriously and won't stop until they're happy. So free parenting lesson: give your kids M&Ms to get them to do stuff. You're welcome.

Bridget Gough

Customer Champion

If you love discussing the finer points of Russian Literature while cruising along on rollerblades, (and really who doesn't?) then Bridget is your girl. She also loves solving puzzles and riddles so we recommend taking her when you go to one of those 'escape room' places. If all else fails, hearing Tolstoy should really motivate you to escape.

Kaitlyn Brittain

Bookkeeping & Compliance Assistant

You wouldn't know it by looking at her delightful smile, but Kaitlyn is actually a walking sneeze. Doctors told her the only pet she could ever have was a cockroach. Then they realized she was allergic to those as well. So Kaitlyn was forced to cultivate a love for the only two things that don't make her sneeze, numbers and rocks. Fun!

Catherine McNamara

Marketing Manager: Advertising & Design

Don't let the chill, laid back, west coast vibe fool you. Catherine is awesome at ultimate frisbee. According to the website (we had to look up), it requires toughness, stamina, and razor sharp throwing skills. Thankfully when it comes to AdjusterPro, she applies more of the super cool and less of the throwing. Frisbees are hard.

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